At watchmakers USA we promote the growing US watch industry. We work with 150+ active US brands to promote awareness of the industry, increase the amount of work created in the US, and help the current wave of entrepreneurs to reestablish the USA as the watchmaking capital of the world.

On this site you will find a wide range of content, from brand introductions and watch reviews, to industry-related news and events. You will also hear from the makers themselves as they share their unique journey and insights into their brand; and yes, you will occasionally see and read about a few stunning global watches that we just can’t ignore.

One of our primary interest at watchmakers USA is to connect new and experienced watch enthusiasts alike to the wide range of US brands. Whether you goal is to find a well-priced workhorse, an eclectic timepiece that shows off your unique personality, or to invest in a glorious and wearable statement of the finest American art, we have the maker for you.

The US watch industry started around 1850 and had all but evaporated by 1970. During that time, the US became the largest manufacturer of watches in the world and gave rise to many iconic American brands such as: Waltham, Elgin, Hamilton, and Ball. Today, you can still buy watches with the same great American names, but sadly, none of these watches are made in the USA.

Despite our ups and downs, the US watch industry is experiencing a profound resurgence. A new generation of watchmakers is taking the best ideas, movements, and components from around the world and placing their uniquely American fingerprint on their brand. While many US watches today use Swiss, Japanese, or other Asian movements, the percentage of American content grows each year and watchmakers USA is proud to be at the center of this exciting manufacturing renaissance.